Other Services

Business Process Automation

We create custom process automation solutions utilizing the SOFTLAB Platform: InfoPath browser-based forms to collect information about the process and the SharePoint workflow engine as the business logic and routing engine.

Our Business Analyst consultants work with the Business users to understand the business case and process and then recommend and implement the appropriate technology to solve the problem.

SharePoint 2010 and provide an overview of the key areas of functionality and how they can provide significant benefit to your business, for instance:

  • Sites

  • Content Management

  • Insights - Business Intelligence

  • Communities

  • Composites

  • Search

Business process automation, using SharePoint and the very significant benefits that can be achieved such as,

  • Automatic workflow

  • Visualization of process pinch points

  • Identification of the organizations, "blockers"

  • Analysis of process conformance for audit

What are the Results and Benefits?

  • Tighter controls

  • Increased efficiencies by automation of manual processes

  • Streamline processes (approval, review, archiving, custom)

  • Timely information and better visibility into the process(es)

  • Drive adoption of process by increasing ownership and accountability

  • Compliance to standards (Governance)