Enterprise Application Services
Enterprise Application Services

Application Integration and Security Services

SOFTLAB Technologies is a seasoned application integration services provider, making all your software, applications, data, and processes work together. It not only develops software and applications but it also provides Enterprise Application Services including Application Integration, Security, Quality Analysis (QA) and Testing.

Thus, we maximize the value of your current assets without compromising on your potential for growth. Our application integration services allow higher organizational efficiency by combining different processes into a single ecosystem. With on-going support and maintenance, we also ensure a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

Real-time connectivity and data exchange allows you to enhance your business agility by enabling quick recognition and response to opportunities.

We establish secure B2B relationships between your company and your business partners by integrating systems with your communication channels.

Quick and economical solutions to reduce time and resources required for the replacement or redesigning of the existing software.

Professional Enterprise Application Integration Process

At SOFTLAB Technologies, we guide you throughout the enterprise application integration process and help you build sound event-driven, service-oriented architectures for your applications.

Technical Consultation

Our professional experts thoroughly analyze your business goals and needs and identify the integration needs and possibilities for your business processes. Based on our analysis, we advise you on design, strategy, and solutions that best suits your existing infrastructure.


We determine and plan the most suitable integration approach based on your requirements and current infrastructure. We take into account your growth rates and perform all the risk assessment to make sure your processes run smoothly.

Custom-tailored Integration

We deliver custom-tailored integration solutions that comply with your specifications and requirements. With our customized solutions, we assure maximized usability and efficiency and reduced TCO.

Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing technical support ensuring that your solution operates effectively and without any issue for years to come.

Backend Application Integration Solutions

SOFTLAB Technologies help you deliver a rich set of services by integrating the latest software with existing corporate systems. Depending on your needs, we integrate specified backend elements of different applications into one another.

Our experts help you in establishing deeper connections with databases and storage systems by integrating data sources across dispersed IT-environments. With our services, we facilitate you in data collection, formatting, conversion, and processing throughout your organizational network.

We also provide web application interoperability with enterprise systems and 3rd-party web services via standard communication protocols.

We are capable of integrating your business infrastructure with web services to ensure seamless communication with your customers or quick business transactions and automated processes.

We can also utilize 3rd-party application interfaces and integrate them with payment gateways, e-commerce solutions, geolocation services, social networks, cloud storages, media services, and advertising platforms.

Enterprise Application Security Services

Combining hands-on experience with advanced technologies, SOFTLAB Technologies integrates application security in your software at each stage of the development lifecycle.

We enforce a comprehensive security strategy for your initiative by identifying key milestones and deliverables. We integrate privacy and security in a way that minimizes any disruption to business plans and schedules.

Our professionals follow the most recent security trends and implement them in your enterprise applications by utilizing the latest tools. We are capable of preventing any threat or vulnerability through the entire application development process.

Moreover, we are capable of taking over further vulnerability management by deploying an initial incident response plan and implementing critical security fixes. We also provide L1-L3 customer support based on your systems and processes.

Fundamental Approach to Enterprise Security

In our fundamental approach to enterprise security, we establish an application security gate to assess all your software and applications before they go into production. In the next phase, we measure risks and incorporate threat intelligence to assure compliance of applications with your systems.

Throughout the process, we constantly monitor and prevent any liability to high-risk applications that might impact your business. We always weave security during the Software Development Lifecycle, meeting your demands for stronger data protection and reduced TCO.

Once we set up the application security for your enterprise, we opt for the most comprehensive end-to-end application security testing to ensure the compliance of the security system with your network. We follow the best security practices and standards right from the early stages of application development to mitigate any threats to your business. If you ever face any security incident, we got you covered. We’ve established a professional Software Security Response Process to quickly investigate, analyze and resolve security incidents that may disrupt your business.


Independent Software QA And Testing

SOFTLAB Technologies offers a wide range of independent software QA and testing services, adhering to the highest levels of security and industry standards. Using our team flexibility and vast QA expertise, we enhance the quality of your software while reducing time-to-market, management risks, and operating costs.

We focus on building quality into your software and applications at each stage of development. Depending on your needs, we’re capable of identifying existing flaws through our comprehensive QA and testing packages. Based on our experience, we provide project rescue services as well as further support and enhancement of your application upon necessity.

We deliver QA and testing services for a full spectrum of web applications, including content management systems, cloud-based solutions, and SAAS. Our custom-tailored solutions help you ensure that your web application is cross-browser compatible and meets the highest standards of Usability, Security, and Functionality.

QA and testing services along the whole development lifecycle from integration testing to regression testing and performance testing.

End-to-end testing services, from frontend UI testing to backend data validation to ensure the 360° quality of your software application by providing.

We ensure that your software application renders Reliability, Interoperability, and Hardware compatibility.

We provide on-going support and enhancement services to make sure your software and applications run smoothly.


We’ll do everything we can to make our next best project!

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